Reasons & Statistics to Use Stair Lifts for Elderly Family Members

Stairlifts are often seen in commercials and expensive nursing homes and made the butt of jokes. However, stairlifts are a new form of technology that can be extremely beneficial for the right kinds of people. Think about getting stairlifts for the elderly today, and surprise your parents or family with a new kind of convenience.

Ease of Living 

If nothing else, something that will change greatly almost immediately is their ease of living. Elderly people with poor joints and painful knee and back pain are often filled with dread whenever they see a flight of stairs, let alone the dread they must feel living in a home with a bedroom on the second floor. Having access to a stairlift whenever they want would be a welcome treat to anyone who has trouble getting upstairs, and may encourage them to move around the house more.

Prevent Worrying 

Having a parent or elderly person at home when you aren’t there in case of a crisis is a nerve-wracking thing. Having an in-home stairlift can keep you from worrying about this one thing, and allow you to go on with your normal day as you would. You can be assured that your family will not have trouble getting up the stairs or making it back down again.

Keep them Safe 

Most of the accidents the elderly have at home involve the stairs in some way. With slow reflexes or bad sight, it is so easy to miss a step and go tumbling down the stairs. Paired with brittle bones and more fragile systems, a fall like this could be catastrophic to an elderly body. Installing a stairlift could be a big source of relief and convenience for the elderly people in your home.

Try Buying Used 

A lot of times it is important to know your budget for buying a lift. There are many options you can consider including the option to buy a used lift instead of a brand new one. Used lifts may only have a little bit of use in them, and you get a quality lift that costs you a fraction of the price. Check out those options before settling.

Get an Evaluation 

Most lift sellers offer free in-home evaluations to let you know all of the details of your stairs and the correct stairlift. Not only can they determine whether you will actually need a curved lift or not, but they can also take all of the widths and dimensions to ensure you get a lift that fits perfectly and that will not take up too much space. This speaks volumes in the long run.

Know the Style 

Overall, you want the stairlift to blend in with your home style. There are many different ways you can have a stairlift implemented and many different colors and styles that are offered. Choose the one that best suits your home to make it blend in as best you can.

Stairlifts are an expensive addition to any home, but the cost is equaled out by the amount of use and satisfaction you’ll get having it. Try a stairlift today in the showroom and see if it is the right decision for you and your family. If you have any questions or would like to get a price quote today, contact your local medical supply store today.